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What Is Medical Interpreting

Medical Interpretation

The importance of Medical Interpretation The official role of medical interpretation is crucial in healthcare settings. It is imperative for every doctor to have access

website translation

Website translation

Website: To translate or not to translate, that is the question. Producing good content requires a great deal of effort, analysis, and thought process –

Interpreting Skills: Note Taking

Interpreting Skills: Note Taking

In this installment of our Interpreter Skills series, we’re going to cover notetaking. Taking notes while interpreting is both a skill and an asset. When

Professionalism as an Interpreter

How to be a professional interpreter

Working as a professional interpreter requires a great deal of organization and thought. You’re not only representing yourself; you’re also representing the interpreting service for whom

Interpreting through an IEP Process

Interpreting through an IEP Process

In the first parts of this blog series, we’ve discussed types of school meetings and what to anticipate. Now, let’s talk about IEP meetings. Meetings

School Interpreting: What to Expect

School Interpreting: What to Expect

School interpreting differs significantly from medical or legal interpreting but is still one of the most common types of assignments. In our last installment of

Interpreting in a School Setting

Common School Interpreting Assignments

School interpreting is a subset of business/escort interpreting—but it’s much more than that. School interpreting accounts for a significant portion of agency work. To work

Challenges of Being a Legal Interpreter

The Challenges of Being a Legal Interpreter

Legal interpreting isn’t for the faint-hearted and is widely regarded as the most difficult form of interpreting. As a new interpreter approaching the subject, you’ll

Tips to Translate Medical Terms

Tips to Translate Medical Terms

Interpreting medical terms is, naturally, one of the key parts of being a medical interpreter. While it’s not necessary that you be a medical professional,

Bridge the gap meaning

Bridging The Gap Meaning

When it comes to defining the concept of “bridge the gap” or “bridging the gap” we refer to connecting concepts. When these concepts or items

vri asl

Working with a Video Remote ASL Interpreter

There are various reasons why you might need to work with a video remote interpreter; a professional who facilitates communication between speakers of different languages.

translation rates

Reduce Your Translation Costs

As the person responsible for technology improvements, sales and marketing at Global Arena; I wanted outline the essentials of the translation business; and how to


Remote Simultaneous Interpretation, the new Normal

There is a fundamental difference between Simultaneous Interpretation Services and Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Services. Simultaneous interpreting is the instantaneous conversion of one spoken language to

International Mobility

International mobility

International mobility is a key factor in multinational success. As your company expands, it’s natural to face challenges as you prepare for your new chapter


What is OSHA?

The acronym, “OSHA” is familiar to most workers as it pertains to workplace safety and employee rights. As such, it may seem strange to think

Breaking Language Barriers

Breaking the Language Barrier

Let’s say you are a growing company looking to break into the global marketplace. You know that going global will open up many possibilities, but

Classroom Interpreting

Classroom Interpreting

For Deaf students, having an interpreter makes all the difference in their academic careers. One adage (often attributed to Helen Keller) states; “Blindness cuts us

Motivations for Language Learning

Motivators for Learning a New Language

Global Arena is the premier source for personalized language training programs. We offer lessons in over 150 languages. Our trainers are native speakers who are

Relocation Program

Relocation program

In any relocation program, people come first Businesses commonly cite five main reasons for relocating operations to a new location. These are: Labor and work

Healthcare Interpreting

Healthcare Interpreter

When it comes to providing healthcare services, communication is an essential factor. The patient will need to describe their symptoms, discuss treatment and results, and

How to enhance your language skills

Methods to enhance language skills Language training methods may be taught as general school subjects, through specialized training schools, or even through online courses. Many

legal interpreting

Legal Interpreting Services: Why They Matter

Translation or Interpreting? There is a lot of confusion surrounding the terms “interpreting” and “translation”. While both deal with translating one language into another, interpreting

Accent reduction

Accent Reduction

When speaking American English, the clearest sound comes from reducing regional accent and direction towards Modern Use Standard English (MUSE). MUSE is classed as “midwestern

Business English Training online

English Training Online for Business

Online Business English Training provides a time-efficient and cost-effective way to develop the English-language skills that your company needs. Online training offers a flexible, from-anywhere

The transcreation Process

The Transcreation Process

When it comes to translation, the nature of each project varies greatly. For example, concepts and messages are very important in marketing and advertising. Communicating

Learning a new language is a tool for success

Native Speaker

Can A Non-Native Speaker achieve the Proficiency level Of A Native Speaker? There are many reasons to learn a foreign language. You might want to

Connecting Cultures

Connecting Cultures: Spain and America

Global Arena provides personalized intercultural training programs with the goal of alleviating internal diversity concerns. We specialize in connecting cultures and building positive, culturally sensitive

Translation well done

The Value of a Translation Done Well

The value of professional translation services is not always easy to calculate, especially for someone unfamiliar with the industry. The return on investment is difficult

HIPAA in a Medical Interpreting Setting

HIPAA in a Medical Terminology Setting

What is HIPAA? A Brief Explanation HIPAA is The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The Act was signed into law by President

Human Translation Services

Human Translation Services

Combining the Art of Translation with the Science of Language In the age of Google translate and AI, we must rethink the role of the

Around the World with Global Arena

Around the World with Global Arena

Global Arena Offers Language Training Programs all Over the World Language training is an integral part of working with international clients; multicultural populations, and expanding

Over The Phone Interpreting Services

Over-the-Phone Interpreting Services

In our blog post 10 Translation & Localization Acronyms, we introduced the concept of OPI, or Over-the-Phone Interpreting services. Also known as Telephonic Interpreting, OPI

Translation Acronyms

10 Localization & Translation Acronyms

The translation industry can be intimidating if you aren’t familiar with it, with a lot of industry-specific terminology. Global Arena is here to serve all


What is HIPAA Compliance?

While all interpreters are expected to maintain professional confidentiality in their work, it is even more crucial in medical contexts. The conversations between a doctor

Further education

What is Further Education?

After you’ve finished university – especially if you’ve attended graduate school – it can be tempting to think you’re done with learning. Further Education is

Conference Interpreting Services

Advantages of Conference Interpreting Services

What is Conference Interpreting? Are you familiar with the different types of interpreting services? Each situation needs a specific interpreting service. There are some situations

Translation Company

How Translation Companies Work

Chances are, you’ve encountered at least a few examples of poorly-translated websites, signs, or product labels here and there. The localization industry is replete with

Machine Translation

What is Machine Translation?

Machine translation is software that automatically translates languages on websites. Do not confuse it with online translation tools or applications for smartphones; they are tools

translator connections

Certified Translations and their Benefits

Creating Connections with Expert Translators The benefits of certified translation for a business or organization may not seem apparent at first glance. Why go the

Learning and Development

Benefits of Language Training Programs

Benefits of Language Training Effective communication is essential for doing business. That requires recognizing and respecting cultural differences and having the ability to adapt accordingly.

Early Intervention Services - Q&A

Early Intervention Services – Q&A

Early Intervention services provide support to families with young children who have developmental delays, disabilities, or specific health conditions. Limited English proficiency (LEP) families require

Global Arena’s Training Management System

Global Arena’s Language Training department utilizes the TBM, our proprietary Training Business Manager, to help us better service our clients. The Training Business Manager TBM

Cost-Efficient Website Translation

Quick, Easy & Cost-Efficient Website Translation! Using our dedicated website translation software, we can provide a word count in minutes; content analysis in a couple