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Native Speaker

October 1, 2018

Can A Non-Native Speaker achieve the Proficiency level Of A Native Speaker? Learning a new language is a tool for success that will benefit personal and professional life. Is it possible for a non-native speaker…

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Establishing Cohesion in a Multicultural Company

August 8, 2018

People from different cultural backgrounds have made the United States their home, and our communities’ colorful diversity is reflected in the business world. This can enrich a company and enlighten its outlook, but employees need…

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Destination Services: Managing Your International Move

March 15, 2018

Moving your family, your pets, all your belongings, and heading off to another country can be incredibly stressful. Multinational companies sometimes require key personnel to relocate abroad to manage operations in another country. The assignee is…

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Motivators for Learning a New Language

February 21, 2018

There are two main ways to categorize peoples’ reasons for deciding to learn a new language; integrative motivators and instrumental motivators. Integrative motivators are a person’s desire to communicate in order to continue building a…

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The Role of the Interpreter in Early Intervention

January 31, 2018

An interpreter’s primary role is to facilitate communications between speakers who use different languages. Interpreters working with Global Arena take on a variety of assignments including: legal proceedings, school meetings, and medical appointments. A specific…

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Global Arena’s Training Management System

January 18, 2018

Global Arena’s Language Training department utilizes the TBM, our proprietary Training Business Manager, to help us better service our clients. TBM plays an integral role in assuring our language training programs are on track, our…

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HIPAA in a Medical Interpreting Setting

October 26, 2017

What is HIPAA? HIPAA is The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. HIPAA and PHI Understanding HIPAA is an integral part of working in any medical setting. While HIPAA regulates virtually every aspect…

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The Struggles of Relocating Abroad

October 18, 2017

Relocating to a foreign country is an arduous task that requires a large amount of research, planning, and organization: from travel arrangements, finding somewhere to live, shipping personal items, and obtaining necessary legal documents. It…

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The Value of a Translation Well Done

September 27, 2017

The value of professional translation services is not always easy to calculate. Return on investment is hard to define and should not be measured exclusively on the basis of cost. Translation services are often considered…

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Connecting Cultures: Building Cultural Competence Among Airport Employees

September 7, 2017

Global Arena provides highly-specialized intercultural training programs to an international airport in Pennsylvania. The intent of this training was to build a cross-cultural toolset that allowed our client to promote a business environment where each participating…

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Connecting Cultures: An American Company with a Multinational Presence

August 8, 2017

At Global Arena, we strive in helping our customers to improve their internal communications and interactions across cultures and time zones. In our third installment of Connecting Cultures, we discuss the challenges and actions of…

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Connecting Cultures: Spain and America

May 18, 2017

Global Arena provides personalized intercultural training programs with the goal of alleviating our clients’ cultural issues. Our trainings are customized based on our clients’ needs and requirements. Below is another example in our Connecting Cultures series.…

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Connecting Cultures: America and Japan

March 8, 2017

Global Arena designs, customizes, and delivers a vast portfolio of intercultural training programs that aim to tackle and overcome our client’s cultural challenges. Each training is tailored to each customer’s requirements, specifications, and goals. For…

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Improving Patient Satisfaction for Limited English Proficiency Patients

February 15, 2017

Why do healthcare facilities need to use interpreting services? Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 mandates that interpreter services be provided for patients with limited English proficiency who need this service, despite…

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A Path to Medical Interpreter Certification

February 14, 2017

Global Arena has compiled all the essential information needed for interpreters looking to obtain a national medical interpreter certification. Use our Path to Medical Interpreter Certification to determine which one is right for you. If you…

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An Increasing Issue: The Lack of Medical Interpreters

November 7, 2016

There is a lack of qualified medical interpreters in the United States. The groups most affected by the lack of interpreters are: immigrants, refugees, and migrant workers. Non – English or Limited-English speakers are often deterred…

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Reasons to Become a Professional Translator

September 29, 2016

International Translator Day occurs annually on September 30th. Translators provide a vital service in converting written text from the original language to the target language. As an industry that is expanding at a rapid rate…

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Congrats to Our Bridging the Gap Training Graduates!

September 14, 2016

The Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreter Training Program is a 40 hr training course established by the Cross Cultural Healthcare Program that covers: interpreter roles & ethics, interpreting skills, medical terminology, the impact of culture,…

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Discover the History of Catalonia!

September 8, 2016

The National Day of Catalonia or La Diada Nacional de Catalunya, is celebrated annually on September 11th. It is a day-long festival which ignites a sense of Catalonian national pride by celebrating the rich history behind…

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Around the World with Global Arena

September 6, 2016

Global Arena handles language training programs all over the world. Our services are strengthened by our ability to accommodate the diverse and ever-changing language training needs of our clients. We’d like to share a few…

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Global Arena: Leading Language Service Provider in North America!

July 26, 2016

Global Arena has reached position #34 on the on Top 40 list. This is Global Arena’s 3rd consecutive year on the list and each year we move into a higher position. We are elated to…

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Global Arena is a Bridging the Gap Training Center

May 3, 2016

Operating as an interpreter in the medical field comes with a distinct set of obstacles. Medical interpreting requires a higher degree of accuracy because a minor miscommunication could result in severe consequences that affect the…

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Celebrate All Throughout May with Global Arena!

May 3, 2016

Three significant holidays occur in May that are often overlooked. National Interpreter Appreciation Day, National Teacher Appreciation Day, and World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development all fall within May. It is valuable to…

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Repatriation Training and How It Can Benefit You

February 10, 2016

12 to 20 percent of employees leave their job within 1 to 2 years of returning home from an international assignment. Considering the amount of money invested on these assignments this represents a huge loss for any…

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