Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

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What is Remote Simultaneous Interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreting is the instantaneous conversion of one spoken language to another; a simultaneous interpreter listens to the words being spoken and immediately renders them in the second language while simultaneously listening to the next sentence the first language. This often suited to large conferences and public talks. Remote Simultaneous Interpretation or RSI is when simultaneous interpreters connect remotely and speakers, participants and interpreters are potentially located anywhere on the planet.


Why use a remote simultaneous interpretation service?

The cost of traditional simultaneous interpretation is often high, both monetarily and in terms of human and logistical resources. A traditional simultaneous interpretation set up involves the rental of expensive audio-visual equipment, the hiring of a technician to operate the equipment, the hire of the interpreters, travel costs, and food and accommodation expenses.  Providing simultaneous interpreting in this way is time-consuming, logistically challenging and expensive.

Geographical and travel logistics may mean that interpreters’ availability is limited and compromises need to be made.

Using Remote Simultaneous Interpretation removes the need for heavy equipment to be rented and set up and for the interpreters being on site. This enables you to run events at short notice, with minimal infrastructure and, if necessary, entirely online. There are various options with Remote Simultaneous Interpreting or RSI and you can even create a hybrid set up where some of the participants are on site and others remote.

By reducing overhead costs, you might choose to increase the number of languages you offer, expanding the outreach of your event and engaging a wider audience.

The ideal RSI setup involves having the interpreters to be located offsite. They will be able to join to your event virtually using a cloud-based platform. The interpreters assigned to your project will have high specification computing equipment, superior connectivity and high-speed internet provision. We assign a technician to each project to ensure that point-to-point connections are always open and fully functioning.

Simultaneous interpreters receive a live video and audio feed from the speaker(s) through the cloud-based platform. Then, they deliver remote simultaneous interpretation just as if they were working with the traditional interpreter console. Attendees listen to the interpretation using the same RSI cloud-based platform. They are able to join virtually or via a mobile app if they are onsite.

Examples of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation settings

By considering the option of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation for our events, we give ourselves more options. We can host events where all participants are remote, or we can have a hybrid set up where some participants are remote and others on site. A few examples where we can use RSI are:

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Panel discussions
  • Seminars
  • Corporate meetings

When you are removing language barriers by using Remote Simultaneous Interpretation services, your brand’s perception is enhanced and your productivity increases. RSI is a great way to reach employees, conference participants, and large client groups in their mother tongue.


RSI or Remote Simultaneous Interpreting is always provided using a cloud-based platform application where participants, interpreters and speakers will either virtually from any location. The RSI platform will allow participants to select the appropriate language channel from the different language options offered for the event.

While we encourage our clients to choose a platform that includes the architecture necessary for simultaneous interpretation, we can also create user-friendly solutions to provide SI (simultaneous interpreting) for events that must be held in platforms without this functionality. We can even livestream your event to the social media platform of your choice while including your branding.

We have also tested out different audio hardware and software configurations to choose solutions that we think make interpreters be better at what they do. We also provide support to interpreter teams and organizations on how to implement best practices in the use of technology for remote interpreting. We are here to help you to resolve technological problems for interpreters and the people who work with them.

The new normal. Simultaneous interpretation services after COVID-19

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation is not a new concept or a new means to provide interpretation services. It has been available for some time as an alternative to the traditional on-site simultaneous interpretation set up. However, COVID-19 has forced us to look to alternative ways of hosting our events. A large number of conferences, events, seminars and meetings have been held virtually since the outbreak of the pandemic and the benefits of remote communication have been clear. This will not disappear as restrictions are lifted. RSI is now more than just an alternative, in many cases it will be either the only way to keep offering multilingual support or the new normal.

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