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Why Us

Reasons why you can trust Global Arena’s language and culture services

> Committed to You

Global Arena is committed to providing high-quality language and culture solutions that will empower customers with the necessary skills and services for success. We understand the importance of cultural values and customs on global business goals. We use specialized technology to: enhance our processes, select the right consultants, improve customer experience and deliver first-rate services. The human factor is key: our consultants’ experience and skills, combined with Global Arena’s know-how and technology allow our customers to be a step ahead when it comes to language and culture.

Global Arena’s consultants are native speakers of the target language, highly experienced and sensitive to cultural and linguistic nuance.

> Quality Control

All our services follow strict quality control processes based on industry standards. Global Arena follows and applies the following standards:

  • ASTM F2575 – 14 – Standard Guide for Quality Assurance in Translation
  • ASTM F2089 – 15 – Standard Practice for Language Interpreting
  • ASTM F1562 – 14 – Standard Guide for Use-Oriented Foreign Language Instruction
  • ASTM F2889 – 11 – Standard Practice for Assessing Language Proficiency

> Technology in Language Services

Global Arena empowers its clients and enhances its operations with various technological platforms for its different divisions. Customized off-the-shelf technologies complement self-developed and proprietary platforms; combining efficiency, sophisticated workflow processing, detailed linguist databases and easy-to-use client portals.

> Our Expert Consultants, Project Managers and Project Coordinators

Global Arena’s linguists are selectively recruited based on their language skills, field of expertise, experience and proven references. Our consultants are managed by our experienced project managers and coordinators who are trained to follow our strict quality assurance standards.

> The Human Factor

We carefully match and manage our resources to fit our customers’ goals. Global Arena offers flexibility when scheduling our interpreters, language trainers or intercultural trainers in order to suit our customers’ needs. We assemble expert translation teams to accommodate our customer’s processes and deadlines. Global Arena’s language and cultural services are grounded in a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs.

> Confidentiality & Data Protection

At Global Arena, we appreciate the critical importance of the correct and fair treatment of personal and confidential information to our clients’ operations. All Global Arena consultants, contractors and partners are required to abide by Global Arena’s Contractor Agreement and Data Protection Policy. These address confidentiality, HIPAA, PHI, PII and reporting issues.