Interpreting Services

Do you need an interpreter?

Interpreters provide verbal communication between two parties who do not share a common language. Global Arena has the experience and resources to provide face-to-face and telephonic interpreting services in more than 200 languages.

Scenarios to Enlist an Interpreter

Global Arena provides consecutive interpretation services for many industries, focusing on the healthcare, legal, educational, and business sectors.

Medical – Interpreters are provided in a range of medical settings for medical appointments, long-term physical therapy sessions, mental health and substance abuse treatment, acute intake, in-home visits, hospice care and Independent Medical Exams.

Legal – Legal interpreters are often required at depositions, arbitrations, trials, client meetings, and court hearings. Global Arena can provide court-certified interpreters for states that have a Court Interpreting Certification program in place for that language.

Educational – Interpreters can be provided to assist at parent-teacher conferences, individualized educational program meetings, special educational needs assessments, social trips, and school-wide events.

Business – Global Arena provides interpreters for business meetings, conferences, seminars, presentations and longer business trips.

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How to Schedule an Interpreter

There are several ways to get in touch:

Global Arena uses an online scheduling tool to manage all interpreting assignments. Customers can log in to the portal and request, change or void interpreting assignments.

All calls are received outside of office hours are handled by our 24/7 call center and emergency requests are patched through to an on-call project manager.

Our Cancellation Policy

If an interpreter is no longer required, our standard cancellation policy will apply. If notice is given with more than 24 hours, no cancellation fees will apply. If cancellation is given with less than 24 hours’ notice, cancellation fees may apply.

Interpreter Selection and Quality Control

Global Arena has access to over 3,000 qualified/certified interpreters in over 200 languages.

Interpreters must demonstrate at least two years of interpreting experience and be fluent/native in English and at least one other language. They must demonstrate attentiveness, analytical skills, memorization, language transfers and note-taking skills. They are also expected to conduct themselves professionally, demonstrating cultural awareness, sensitivity and the ability to cope under stress. It is preferred that our interpreters have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent 4 year of college degree. Also, an active membership in an organization such as the American Translators Association, the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters or the National Board of Certification for Medical interpreters, which demonstrates their commitment to the interpreting community and their dedication to continued education.

Global Arena accepts certifications performed by recognized institutions or companies, including various state interpreting certifications and the Bridging the Gap medical interpreter program. When official language tests are not available (particularly for languages less commonly spoken in the United States) we accept high school or college diplomas from an interpreter’s native country. References are requested and checked. Successful applicants are required to successfully complete Global Arena’s interpreting orientation.

Global Arena selects an interpreter for an assignment based on his/her expertise, certifications and/or accreditations. The rigorous selection process in combination with the requirement to hold interpreting-related certifications help to ensure that Global Arena provides the most qualified interpreters.

Interpreters must hold current background clearances to work at certain healthcare and medical institutions. This list currently includes the following clearances, but it can be adjusted to meet a client’s individual regulatory requirements. Among others, and depending on your needs, we request that our interpreters have:

  • Child abuse clearance
  • State criminal clearance
  • FBI clearance
  • Negative PPD (Tuberculosis)

If a mandatory field is not applicable to your request, please enter N/A.

Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreter Training Center