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Understanding OSHA

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The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (also known as the OSH Act) represented groundbreaking legislation for worker rights. When the Nixon administration signed the Act into law, they established the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to enforce standards. These standards (while frequently updated) stand today and continue to protect workers from unreasonable risk in the workplace.

The OSH Administration conducts frequent workplace visits to ensure workplace safety. But how should you prepare for your visit? How do you know if you’re protected by OSHA? Global Arena’s eLearning Understanding OSHA course, covers basic information about OSHA, the OSH Act, and how to prepare for an inspection.

What is OSHA?

OSHA also protects and establishes the rights of employees in the workplace, making it a revolutionary piece of legislation. Prior to the Law, especially in factories and other mass manufacturing facilities, workers were traditionally treated as expendable. Worker safety was secondary to profits.

In 1960, awareness was raised about the impact of industrial chemicals on the environment and especially on workers exposed to them. A bill to protect workers from these effects was introduced in 1968 by President Lyndon B. A precursor to the OSH Act, it was later rejected as too strict and the guidelines were mandatory. In addition, economists theorized that if the bill was carried out, it would eventually bring the economy to a halt.

New legislation was later proposed. Bills where workplace safety conditions were advisory rather than mandatory. On the other hand, they provided an opening for stricter legislation proposals. These bills later became the OSH Act and formed OSHA.

Trained workers must know their rights as employees in order to create a safe workplace. The rights of the worker and the responsibilities of the employer are imperative to ensure the best possible environment for all. Every OSHA training should thus cover worker rights under OSHA, including:

  • Conditions
  • Confidentiality
  • Training
  • Record Keeping
  • Participation
  • Filing a complaint

It’s not only about worker rights though; true OSHA compliance is about combining worker safety with employer standards. Understanding OSHA covers tips for successful safe-practice maintenance. We highly suggest such actions as:

  • Keeping a copy of the complete set of OSHA standards for reference.
  • Keeping copies of all manufacturing guides and literature.
  • Organizing a continuing effort to minimize risk.
  • Establishing a safety director.
  • Knowing your rights.

Who would benefit from this training?

OSHA training courses generally focus on helping employers maintain a safe space for all present. As almost all private businesses are required to comply with the Act’s guidelines, everyone benefits from proper OSHA training. Global Arena’s course is no exception. Our course also goes further by considering how safety and health issues apply to interpreters when onsite. Even those well-versed in occupational safety and law benefit from a refresher to cover these finer points.

It may seem strange to connect interpreting to any kind of occupational risk. However, interpreters often facilitate sessions in environments where reasonable protections need to be in place. In some cases, interpreters fall under the same standards and protections as established employees. Thus, employers need to comply by OSHA regulations as they apply to both independent contractors and employees. Additionally, interpreters should be familiar with these regulations to ensure their comfort while on assignment.

The goal of the course

Understanding OSHA isn’t only a course to help familiarize you with the legislation. Our goal is to give you a firm understanding of how best to protect your workers and yourself. The best preparation for an OSHA inspection is to be constantly vigilant about health and safety hazards in your workplace.

Worker safety cannot be an afterthought: Understanding OSHA gives detailed instructions on how to use the Act on a daily basis. Our course takes you from basic safety knowledge to visit-ready. This course is designed to help you simultaneously navigate the waters of the OSHA inspection process and improve your workplace. We’ll walk you through the procedure so you know what to expect, through preparation to closing conference.

Understanding OSHA Course Description

The course consists of three modules, each with interactive comprehension activities. The slides are fully reviewable: after completing a slide, a participant can revisit it at any time. It concludes with a final review, an exam, and a certificate upon completion and a passing exam result.

Each module consists of a variety of informational slides, including those in interactive and lecture formats. This broadly engages participants and encourages application of the material. The mix of different slides is not only visually appealing but is designed to target different learning styles and fit all needs. The course is also fully voiced, further encouraging information retention.

Duration and Format

Understanding OSHA is timed for one hour. The course is accessible from our eLearning platform. As it’s entirely online, it requires no downloads or special permissions. It’s available for independent contractors, employers, and any worker who would like to learn more about OSHA and its standards.

As an employer, there’s another advantage to using our system: you’re able to track your employees’ progress and completion rates. If you’re working as an independent contractor, you can access your account any time and see your status. Registration also includes full access to our course catalogue and resources.

The information is updated regularly to meet current standards. Courses can be taken within one year of purchase. After one year, if the course has not been completed, the program will be eliminated from the trainee’s dashboard. Certificates are accessible at any time. Our eLearning courses are easily accessible from your mobile device.

If you’re working with an organization, Understanding OSHA is further customizable to fit your team’s needs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for more information.