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Telephonic Interpreting

Telephonic Interpreting in 300+ languages

For short discussions, in emergency medical situations, and/or when no advanced warning can be given, telephonic interpreting services might be the best solution to offer immediate access to an interpreter at any time, day or night.

Global Arena’s Telephonic Interpreting language capabilities?

Over 300 languages, 24/7

Clients are issued with one or multiple access codes and provided with a number to dial in. Available in over 300 languages, callers can use this service 24/7 and be connected with an interpreter within seconds.

How does it work?

Your Global Arena account representative will provide you with the instructions to set up your account (or multiple accounts). Our system can generate as many access codes as employees you have. Once your employees have completed their registrations, they will be assigned a code that they will be able to use with our phone number. Any day, any time.

Thanks to our latest developments, your successfully registered employees will have access to our Telephonic and Video Remote interpreting services under the same platform.

If you want to learn more about our Video Remote interpreting services, its features, capabilities and advantages, please visit this our VRI page.

What are the benefits of using Telephonic Interpreting services?

Controlled Costs

Perhaps the most important feature for most users. In addition to provide the much needed multilingual communication, it allows to keep costs under control by paying just what you need or use.

An in person interpreter is usually associated to one or two-hour minimums plus travels costs.

Larger portfolio of languages

In person interpreters in certain areas is limited. Telephonic Interpreter services allow the interpreting agency of choice to offer a larger portfolio of languages compared to its own in-person roster.

Ideal for short interactions

You want to confirm an appointment or set up a meeting; you are running short on time and your emails aren’t working. If you require answers to quick, simple questions, over the phone interpreting is the way to go. It is easy to use and affordable.

It is convenient! You are able to access professional interpreters around the clock. Regardless of the time zone where you are, if you have a good phone connection, your can have an interpreter in a matter of seconds.

Next Steps

If you want to obtain access to a Telephonic Interpreter, please complete the below request.