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Around the World with Global Arena

Global Arena Offers Language Training Programs all Over the World

Language training is an integral part of working with international clients; multicultural populations, and expanding or relocating your business and employee base. Language is our common ground, our basis for all human connection; and the quickest way to establish a working relationship.

At Global Arena, we take pride in our ability to accommodate the diverse and ever-changing language training needs of our clients. We’d like to share a few examples of programs that we’ve provided to give you a taste of our international presence; as well as the varied solutions we can offer to your team to make your international relations a breeze.

Around the World with Global Arena


Global Arena worked with a client to manage a language training program in the cosmopolitan city of Singapore. We helped a family relocate to Singapore as the father was completing a new work assignment in the area. His wife needed help learning Mandarin and their two children needed lessons of their own. Global Arena was able to ensure that all of the family’s language training needs were met after they completed their relocation; also easing their landing into a new country and immediately helping them build community via their in-person teacher.


In addition to facilitating language training programs after a relocation, Global Arena can coordinate and provide training before the relocation takes place. We call these “pre-relocation programs.” One of the examples of this service is a language training program in Israel. The assignee, a native of Israel, is moving to China for a work assignment. In order to allow him to hit the ground running, we coordinated Mandarin language courses for him in Israel. Thanks to Global Arena’s resources, processes, and network, our US-based project coordination team was able to easily overcome the challenge to find an experienced, native Mandarin instructor for the assignee in his home country. The native instructor was also able to provide a basic intercultural training; answering many of the assignee’s questions about his new home.


Language training is not only for learning a new language. It can also be used to reinforce a student’s native language when abroad. Global Arena created a language training program of this nature in Pennsylvania. A family relocated from Germany and the parents were concerned that their young son would lose his grasp of German; after moving to a predominantly English speaking country. As a solution, the child took both English and German lessons through our service to support him at school; as well as to ensure that he retained his native language.


A client moved from Brazil to the United States for a work assignment and was in dire need of English lessons. He was looking for a program with a focus on business vocabulary so he could successfully fulfill his new role. The client had a hectic schedule: he was too busy to set time for in-person instruction; and he wanted to start classes before his move. Global Arena organized pre-relocation English lessons for him (using a video conferencing tool) with a US based teacher located close to his final destination. He was able to keep the same teacher when he moved to the US. And now has the option of in-person classes or continuing video conferencing classes. He’s grateful for his successful transition and newfound ability to operate in a new country.

With the support of our language training instructor he was able to learn as much as he could from any location; and study when it was convenient for him. The fact that he was able to have continuity from his video conferencing classes to in-person classes eased his transition to his new home; while also giving him the most up-to-date vocabulary and region-specific dialect training.

Global Arena’s international training capabilities

These are just a few examples of Global Arena’s international training capabilities. We’re dedicated to providing reliable, efficient and customizable language training solutions. Wherever you are in the world, Global Arena has also the ability to tailor language training programs; to also meet the most complex needs in a myriad of locations. As a multi-cultural company with employees all over the world, we know firsthand the challenges and triumphs of learning a new language and integrating into a new culture. Let our team help you create a customized program to achieve success from the moment you step foot in your new home.

To explore more about our Language and Intercultural Training services; and find out how we can help you and your assignees, please feel free to request information about our training capabilities by completing the form in our Language Training page or by calling us at 866-363-1160.

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