Global Arena handles language training programs all over the world.

Our services are strengthened by our ability to accommodate the diverse and ever-changing language training needs of our clients. We’d like to share a few examples of programs that we are currently providing; giving you a taste of our international presence, and the varied solutions we offer to support our clients’ language training needs.


Global Arena is currently managing a language training program in the cosmopolitan city of Singapore. The family relocated to Singapore because the father was completing a new work assignment. The wife needed help learning Mandarin and the two children needed English lessons. Global Arena was able to ensure all of the family’s language training needs were met after the relocation was completed; easing their landing into a new country.


In addition to facilitating language training programs after a relocation; Global Arena can coordinate and also provide training before the relocation takes place. We call these pre-relocation programs. We are currently managing a language training program in Israel. The assignee, a native of Israel, is moving to China for a work assignment; and in order to allow him to hit the ground running, we have coordinated Mandarin language courses for him in Israel. Thanks to Global Arena’s resources, processes, and network; our US-based project coordination team was able to easily overcome the challenge to find an experienced, native Mandarin instructor for the assignee in his home country.


Language training is not only for learning a new language; it can also be used to reinforce a student’s native language when abroad. Global Arena is managing such a language training program in Pennsylvania. A family relocated from Germany and the parents were concerned that their young son would lose his grasp of German after moving to a predominantly English speaking country. As a solution; the child is taking both English and German lessons to support him at school as well as ensure he retains his native language.


A client moved from Brazil to the United States for a work assignment; and was in dire need of English lessons with a focus on business vocabulary so he could successfully fulfill his new role. The client had a hectic schedule; was too busy to set time for in-person instruction, and wanted to start classes before his move. Global Arena also organized pre-location English lessons for him; using video conferencing, with a US based teacher located close to his final US destination. He kept the same teacher when he moved to the US; and now has the option of in-person classes or continuing video conferencing classes. He is now able to operate in a new country with the support of our language training instructor; and study when it is convenient for him.

Wherever you are in the world; Global Arena has also the ability to tailor language training programs to meet even the most complex needs; and in a myriad of locations.

These are just a few examples of Global Arena’s international capabilities; and also our dedication to providing reliable, efficient and customizable language training solutions.

To explore more about our Language and Intercultural Training services and find out how we can help you and your assignees, please contact us at 866-363-1160 or send us a contact request.

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