Website Translation Solution

Business is in continuous motion, with constant shifts and changes to improve your processes.

Implementing a multilingual website should be part of any business process that involves international sales, operations or communications. Previously, only large companies, or those with deep marketing pockets, can afford to translate and localize their website in a professional manner to secure their international foothold. This is not the case anymore!

Global Arena provides affordable website translation and localization services using a Translation Proxy tool. This approach is independent of the Content Management System that your website employs, minimizes the back and forth of multilingual files between your IT, marketing department and the translation agency, improves the overall website translation turnaround and keeps the costs under control. You will take care of your website in your master language and we will take care of the rest.

Watch the video at the bottom to learn more about Translation Proxy.


Reasons to Consider Website Translation

The good news is that the potential return on your investment is significant. Studies suggest that for every $1 spent on localization you could expect to see a $25 return. The form of return might vary depending on the business you are in, but the simple act of translating your website will increase your traffic significantly. That’s a fact.

The Common Sense Advisory ( studied the effect of not implementing website translation on e-commerce sites. It was found that 85% of all consumers will simply not make a purchase if information is not readily available in their native language.

Finally, consider the following: Over 70% of the world does not speak English, more than half of all searches on Google are not performed in English, and around 45% of websites are not in English either.

Increase Your Global Reach

One obvious benefit of translating your site is increasing the audience that you can potentially reach. It will allow you to connect with most of the global population that doesn’t speak English (Yes…about 70%). Since most websites are only in English, there is much less competition for websites created in other languages than English. If your product sells globally, being able to communicate with a user from a market with less competition might be a good business strategy.

Machine Translation: The Inferior Option

Relying on machine translation to translate your website may be cheap, but the unsupervised and non-proofread translations are likely to convey an inaccurate message at best and at worst, can be laughable or offensive. 

Employing a professional translation agency that involves human translators is the best option when you want your message to be translated accurately, while providing a great feel for your brand. You need translation teams that understand and use the proper technical terms, referencing company-specific glossaries and style guides. Our translation teams will translate and localize your website professionally with built-in editing and proofreading to ensure accuracy and usability. The result will be a website that is more likely to appeal to potential customers. 

Benefits of Global Arena’s Approach

Using our website translation approach can provide instant visual feedback on how your translation fits in the original layout. We will deliver a perfectly matching translation to you and minimize, or even eliminate, the need of iterations of corrections.

We can use your own translation memory (translated XLIFF) and upload it to our translation proxy. We can then preview the translated website and make the necessary proofreading and localization processes required.

When you add new content to your website, we’ll get an instant notification, so you don’t need to worry about communicating with us. We will be able to approach you with our suggested changes or next steps.

Yet another benefit of translating your website is an improved image and better branding. Offering information and services in multiple languages builds credibility and makes your site look more professional. This, in turn, leads to increased confidence in your brand. Overall, your site will be a more familiar and welcoming environment for global consumers.



Our Solution

Whether you chose to invest in your multilingual site now or later will be your choice. But at Global Arena, we try to make your website translation project quick, easy, and cost-efficient.

Global Arena’s website translation solution will allow you to concentrate on your business while we will take care of your multilingual site. We’ll be in the driver’s seat. You will keep your master site up-to-date and we will do the rest. With Global Arena’s website translation solution you can rest assured that your multilingual content will be managed automatically and translated by humans…and at a reasonable cost!

For more information, contact our translation department at or call us at 1-866-363-1160