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Mobility Support Services

Getting ready for your next Expat assignment?

Global Arena has a comprehensive network to support the global mobility industry, offering a suite of ancillary services to both international and relocation companies, their clients, the assignees, expats and their families.

We provide relocation service support, including familiarization tours and settling-in support. It is an individualized suite of services, ideal for employees relocating for business purposes. Our tailored approach covers every aspect from orientation tours to finding schools, from settling-in programs to career-counseling for partners. Our programs focus on giving advice and support to both the assignee and any accompanying family members, helping them to feel at ease with their relocation. Components may include a pre-assignment trip, school search, welcome orientation, area tour, assistance with utilities, banking, ID card, driver’s license etc.

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Global Arena can provide language classes at origin, before an assignee and their family relocates and upon arrival, once they have settled into their new surroundings. Training programs are tailored to each member’s specific needs; the assignee may need to focus on business language, whereas the spouse may have more need for day-to-day conversation and children can build on the social and academic demands of school.

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Intercultural training sessions provide a wealth of information to give the global employee a cultural background and understanding to the area they will be living in and how it correlates to their own cultural background. Learning about a country’s approaches to business, cultural priorities, subjects to be avoided, and sense of humor will all help the assignees and their families integrate into the local community and business world.

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Global Arena provides quick, accurate and certified translations of any official document in any language, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, school records, academic transcripts, driver’s licenses and other legal documentation.

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Global Arena’s telephonic interpreters are available 24/7 to provide over-the-phone assistance in over 200 languages. Whether the assignee needs immediate help at an immigration hearing, dealing with utility companies and managing household affairs or navigating the administrative challenges of everyday life, our interpreters are available.

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Up to 20 percent of employees leave their job within 2 years of returning home from an international assignment. Considering the amount of money invested on these assignments, this represents a huge loss for any company. Global Arena assists companies and its expatriates in making a smooth transition back into the home country after an international assignment, identifying the enhanced skills they can now contribute, ensuring employee retention and making sure that what was home before, is home again.

This fully customized program explores the life transition of repatriation. It enables the returning assignee and their family to explore and better understand the cultural, psychological, social and workplace issues involved during this transition. This is delivered in two parts: An informational element that presents an understanding of the four stages of adjustment, the effect on children and suggested strategies to deal with the challenges. The second aspect is an applied component, which incorporates specific activities designed to strategize and apply the information learned to the assignee’s unique situation.

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