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Video remote interpreting (VRI) is a video telecommunication service that uses devices such as web cameras or videophones to provide Sign Language (ASL) or Spoken Language interpreting services for Legal and Healthcare settings.

Global Arena’s VRI language capabilities?

Over 40 languages.


As with telephonic interpretation, the service can be useful for short discussions and in emergency situations.

This service is provided by a remote or offsite interpreter delivering the service in a neutral, non-descript booth location.

Video Remote Interpreting services, or VRI, involve an accredited language interpreter being present via a video link instead of in person.

Police and emergency rooms have used VRI services for years in order to support encounters with LEP persons. It is also commonly used as a tool for Deaf persons and hard-of-hearing people.

As you can imagine, it offers many of the benefits of an on-site interpreter with increased convenience and potentially lower costs. However, they do not replace the type of service than an on-site interpreter will provide you with.

How does it work?

Anyone with a smartphone, tablet or computer that has a video camera and audio function can use Global Arena’s Video Remote Interpreting services.

Along with the described hardware, all you need is a reliable and reasonably dimensioned and configured internet connection.

VRI services allow on-demand interpreters to be sourced almost immediately, avoiding long waiting times in emergency or time sensitive situations.

A professional video remote interpretation service allows you to have an accredited interpreter in a matter of seconds. The interpreter observes and listens to the proceedings and interprets just as they would if they were in the room.

Where and when you can use VRI services?

VRI is recommended for emergency situations, business meetings, simple legal proceedings, remote working and official appointments.

The use of an interpreter is normally a legal requirement in many instances. However, when appointments take just minutes, hiring an in-person interpreter will definitely be a costly expense in addition to being a coordination issue. VRI allows for effective, instant language interpretation, drastically reducing the time and expense for short assignments.

In medical emergency situations, any delay in the delivery of health care could be critical, and sometimes fatal. Emergency rooms use VRI services support to identify symptoms; explain treatments and obtain consent. Routine medical appointments benefit of VRI services to ensure that patients know their treatment plans and understand the Health Care professional’s instructions when an in-person interpreter is not available.

Analyzing if VRI is the right solution for your organization or your business

We live in an increasingly multilingual environment. The ability to communicate in an unknown language is required in many contexts and situations.

Language is king.

In some occasions, you will need an expert to interpret complicated words or allow you to communicate in sensitive situations.

Professional, accredited interpreters are highly trained in doing just that and will save you time, money and headaches by helping you to understand the situations and the communications completely. When it is not possible to hire an in-person interpreter to assist you in business, legal, medical or family matters in person, then think of Video Remote Interpreting services.

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