Reasons to Become a Professional Translator

International Translator Day occurs annually on September 30th. Translators provide a vital service in converting written text from the original language to the target language. As an industry that is expanding at a rapid rate it is advantageous to explore the major reasons to consider becoming a professional Translator.

Growing Industry
One major reason to look into translation as a profession is the industry’s substantial growth rate and its projected growth rate. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics between 2012–2022 the number of translation job opportunities is expected to rise by 46% with the average growth rate for all other careers being only at 11% in comparison. Additionally, between 2014 – 2019 it is anticipated that 12,400 jobs will be added within the industry. The significant growth rate for the Translation & Interpretation services industry is an attractive aspect for anyone looking to explore a new career.

Freelance Work/Flexible
A majority of operating translators are independent contractors or freelance professionals. These Translators work for Agencies like Global Arena that have knowledgeable Account Managers, Project managers, Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools and processes in place to ensure the utmost quality of the translations provided in multiple languages. Translators are assembled into translation teams that allow Global Arena’s Project Managers to implement necessary checks and balances to produce a pristine and accurate translation. Freelance professionals typically have the freedom to set their own schedule which makes it an appealing form of employment for a qualified individual.

Uncapped Earning Potential
Within translation there is a vast range of between the different levels of work. A translator could cover a few translations for a local business of work on a government level translating complicated documents.

There are a number of reasons to consider becoming a professional Translator. The Translation & Interpretation services industry is growing despite the rise of technology and internet generated translations. If you are looking for a career that is not in danger of becoming obsolete, which allows for a flexible schedule and increased earning potential; explore becoming a professional Translator. One of the organizations that Global Arena considers when looking for new talent is the American Translators Association. Visit in order to learn more about how to become a skilled translator.

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