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Document translation services involves the conversion of text from one language (source text), to another language (target text). Global Arena has the experience and resources to provide translation services in over 100 languages and on a wide variety of subjects.

Rigorous quality assurance is guaranteed through a three-step process involving translation, editing and proofreading. A secure online portal allows clients to easily request projects, check on progress and download the final deliverables 24/7. Global Arena works with state-of-the-art translation memory software, ensuring consistency and fast turnaround times and provides machine translation coupled with human post-editing services for an even more affordable, quicker translation that is not intended to be published.

Global Arena shares its clients’ commitment to the quality of deliverables. Global Arena believes that a partnering approach is crucial to achieving the highest standards and level of translation service; by integrating our workflows, file preparation and delivery methods into our clients’ internal processes, we can ensure that our translations are one pristine element of an efficient and streamlined process, where expectations are understood and goals are shared.

For new projects, following the initial document translation, a second professional linguist edits the translation, making comments and suggestions for improvement. The original translator reviews the document thoroughly, taking into account the comments made by the editor. Any discrepancies are discussed and the translation is finalized before the project manager performs a final round of proofreading. This ensures that all elements are in place and that the document is ready for delivery. During the process, the translation memory is created and stored for reference and future use. This translation memory will provide important cost savings and ensure consistency in any future translations of already translated documents in need of simple updates.

For projects previously translated by Global Arena that require updates, the project manager assigned to the project will analyze the revisions required to update the translation. The original document translation team is asked to implement the updates in conjunction with the existing translation memory to ensure stylistic and linguistic consistency across the versions.

All translations are subject to a strict quality control process that includes translation, editing and proofreading/review. These three processes are carried out by three separate individuals. Translators and editors are always native speakers in the target language. Global Arena closely monitors the quality of each document translation before delivery. However, a project manager will address any concerns for translations delivered and provide corrective measures or explanations at no additional cost when necessary. Global Arena doesn’t jeopardize the quality and accuracy of the translation by forgoing any of these stages of Q&A.

Global Arena has an extensive network of thoroughly tested translators, editors and proofreaders with extensive subject knowledge and linguistic sensitivity. Global Arena strongly prefers that our document translation teams (translators, editors and proofreaders) are accredited by the American Translators Association, or an equivalent national or regional body, and all undergo a rigorous testing process carried out by Global Arena to ensure that translations are of the highest quality.

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Global Arena uses an online document translation project management portal. This provides clients with the option of submitting, reviewing and amending translation requests through the secure online portal 24/7/365. During the translation process, the status, costs and delivery schedule can all be checked online and upon completion, the final translated document(s) will be available for download. Access to a client’s account is restricted to authorized representatives only. The use of Global Arena’s translation portal is optional, requests sent by e-mail, fax and hard copy are also accepted.

With a comprehensive understanding of current IT standards, new software trends and program releases, Global Arena’s Translation Department can handle website and software translations on many different platforms and a variety of environments thanks to our translation proxy approach.

Implementing a multilingual website should be part of any business process that involves international sales, operations or communications. Previously, only large companies, or those with deep marketing pockets, can afford to translate and localize their website in a professional manner to secure their international foothold. This is not the case anymore!

Global Arena provides affordable website translation and localization services using a Translation Proxy tool. This approach is independent of the Content Management System that your website employs, minimizes the back and forth of multilingual files between your IT, marketing department and the translation agency, improves the overall website translation turnaround and keeps the costs under control. You will take care of your website in your master language and we will take care of the rest.

Keeping Your Translation Costs Low

The use of Terminology Management and Translation Memories comes with great advantages. Global Arena builds and maintains a translation memory for all live-text documents. A translation memory contains parallel pairs of source and target text segments and stores them for future reference or use, ensuring stylistic and terminological consistency across a range of documents even if they are translated by different teams. Global Arena’s translation memories are stored on a secure online network and are made available only to the project managers, translators and editors directly involved in the specific project. The more extensive the translation memory becomes, the more cost-effective and time-efficient translations and updates will be. The translation memory bank is available to clients at all times and the translations held within it would remain the client’s property.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) Services

In localizing our translation service, we ensure that the end product is linguistically and culturally appropriate for the target audience. Through careful analysis of the source text materials, the target demographic is identified and appropriate glossaries and teams are assembled to ensure that the finished product is tailored to the target audience, from a linguistic, cultural, educational and technical standpoint.

Cultural Localization

In localizing our translations, we ensure that the end product is linguistically and culturally appropriate for the target audience. Through careful analysis of the source text materials, the target demographic is identified and appropriate glossaries and teams are assembled to ensure that the finished product is tailored to the target audience, from a linguistic, cultural, educational and technical standpoint.

Transcreation for Marketing and Advertising Materials

Transcreation is ideal for use in marketing and advertising materials. It goes beyond direct content translation or localization; often involving a looser translation, less literal and taking a more flexible approach to ensure that the translation recreates the message, feeling, cultural, tone, references and word play of the source text. Using the transcreation process, Global Arena can properly convey the entirety of the message factoring in style, images, emotions and cultural background.

Transcription Services

We can create a written transcript of audio or video content in virtually any format. Transcriptions can then be translated into other languages for voiceover or dubbing. Timestamps are inserted at regular intervals, ensuring that any translation is the same audio length as the original.

Project Management Support Services

management team. Our project managers are responsible for projects from start to finish and the project manager ensures that all project specifications are met. Timeframes, delivery requirements, file formats, target audience, educational level, print/web specifics, non-translatable elements etc. may all be discussed and details confirmed before the document translation team is assembled. Global Arena’s project managers are all native English speakers, ensuring excellent communication with our clients, and all are college graduates have studied languages, and are bilingual or trilingual speakers and are well-versed in different dialects, languages and linguistic locales.

508 Compliance

Global Arena embeds 508 compliance tagging, labeling, ordering, and formatting into our desktop publishing process, to ensure that a translated document functions both visually and when read by assistive technologies and devices. Our multilingual team ensures that pictures are labeled with alternate translated text, the elements are correctly tagged, labeled, and ordered and that the sequence and flow of the original piece is maintained. Once the compliance step has been completed, an in-built software pre-flight compliance check and all elements reviewed and checked by our in-house compliance experts before being approved for delivery.

Software We Can Support

Working files that Global Arena accepts include, but are not limited to: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator), Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, AutoCAD, Quark XPress, Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Global Arena has worked with many Content Management Systems (CMS) and database environments and has the resources to involve external IT partners when necessary. Global Arena has experience in multilingual environments such as HTML, XHTML, XML, ASP, Java, Flash and shockwave, among others.

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