Global Arena’s Training Management System

Global Arena’s Language Training department utilizes the TBM, our proprietary Training Business Manager, to help us better service our clients. TBM plays an integral role in assuring our language training programs are on track, our Project Coordinators are up-to-date, and our clients have 24/7 access to their programs’ information and are conscious of their progression.

The TBM has become the lifeline of Global Arena’s Language Training department. While utilizing the TBM, we’re able to enter all our students’ programs, scheduling information, and the teachers we assigned to their program. We track the hours that each student takes and then use that information to create our reports and monthly invoicing. Our TBM has a feature that alerts our Project Coordinators when a new project has been entered, so they can begin working on it immediately, then alerts our Customer Service Manager of changes that have been made to any program that may require attention. The same feature notifies our Directors when a confirmation letter for a project has been sent out or when a program’s hours need to be billed. Our TBM also has a convenient journal feature that allows a user to enter a note and share it immediately with any Global Arena employee within the language training department.

How is the TBM beneficial to our clients?
Our TBM tool is an asset to our clients since ample information about their programs can be shared instantly. Our clients located all over the world have immediate access to the status of all their assignees’ projects, the number of hours taken, and the hours remaining in each program. The TBM now allows our clients to have all their assignees’ language training information in one place; right at their fingertips. Our TBM will automatically send an email to each client once one of their assignees has had their first class. This feature is one of our client’s favorite because it helps them set guidelines on when they need to check in with their assignees to provide a customer service survey. It’s a useful feature for our Customer Service Manager because it starts the clock on their scheduled check-in times.

What upcoming improvements are expected for the TBM?
The TBM was designed based on our internal processes, experience, and teaching methodology. We started working with the TBM in 2014, and since then the advancements have been substantial. Our development roadmap is set to add features that will not only improve Global Arena’s Language Training services but also offer additional business intelligence tools and options to our clients. We are currently adding the ability to upload our student’s attendance records that will allow us to make sure they are always available online for our trainees and customers. We anticipate having the TBM linked directly to our financial system in order to automatically create and store invoicing information within the TBM for all of our programs.

Global Arena continuously receives rave reviews from our clients regarding the benefits of the TBM; fast turnaround times, process improvement, and access to information. The TBM will continue to be developed and is considered a crucial part of the Global Arena Language Training department’s success!

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