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Over-the-Phone Interpreting Services

In our blog post 10 Translation & Localization Acronyms, we introduced the concept of OPI, or Over-the-Phone Interpreting services. Also known as Telephonic Interpreting, OPI is a service that provides a remote alternative to face-to-face interpreting. Essentially, when you require interpreting services, you simply call a number and you’ll be connected immediately with a native interpreter. You can call from anywhere and at any time, making it ideal when you need an interpretation in a pinch.

Over-the-Phone Interpreting is the best solution when you need immediate interpretation and is available 24/7, 365 days a year. The language list is typically extensive, so it can be a great solution when you require an uncommon language in your area. It is easy to use even for those who have no prior experience with requesting interpreting services. Additionally, you only pay for the time spent interpreting, with no monthly flat rates or minimum fees.

Over The Phone Interpreting Services

Benefits to using Over-the-Phone Interpreting

There are many benefits to using Over-the-Phone Interpreting. With around-the-clock access to interpretation regardless of time zone, it isn’t necessary to schedule an interpreter in advance. Use Over-the-Phone interpreting when there is an immediate or unexpected need for an interpreter. OPI is also useful for short conversations. Low cost is another appeal of Over-the-Phone Interpreting. With in-person interpreters, there is a minimum fee of one or two hours and sometimes the client incurs travel costs. However, with Over-the-Phone Interpreting, you only pay for the time spent on the phone with the interpreter. Finally, OPI increases the chance of finding an available interpreter. The availability of interpreters in your geographical area limit face-to-face interpreting. This causes difficulties for people who live in remote areas, or those who are in need of a rare or uncommon language.

With many languages available 24/7, OPI is great when you’re looking to keep costs under control and need an interpreter right away.

Global Arena OPI Interpreting Services

When you request Over-the-Phone Interpreting services through Global Arena, you’ll receive instructions for setting up an account on our platform. Then, you’ll be able to retrieve your unique access code, which you will use when you call the telephonic hotline. Once you call our automated call center, you will be connected to an interpreter in a matter of seconds. Our database will keep track of the languages, dates and times of the phone calls made under your access code. We can even record a call reference code or label that can be numeric or alphanumeric. This label will help you identify calls and the reason for them. This is very useful when you need to assign the costs of the calls to specific business units or cost centers.

If multiple people need access to Over-the-Phone Interpreting, we can provide you with as many access codes as you need. Everyone with an individual access code is able to receive interpreting services at any time, even at the same time. For more information about requesting access to Global Arena’s Telephonic Interpreting services, please see our Telephonic Interpreting page.

Global Arena OPI Provider

Global Arena is proud to offer Over-the-Phone Interpreting services as a convenient and cost-effective alternative to our In-Person Interpreting services. Our in-house interpreting management team will help you set up an account and access code – or multiple access codes. From there, you can use our Over-the-Phone Interpreting service in over 170 languages, from anywhere and at any time! And we are continuously expanding our language list. Over-the-Phone Interpreting is a great solution when In-Person Interpreting is not an option. Sometimes you need interpreting services for a rare language, a quick phone call, or a sudden emergency. Our telephonic interpreters are there 24/7 to provide you with the professional language support that you need. You only pay for what you use, and with your access code you have 24/7 access to a native interpreter.

At Global Arena we are committed to provide our customers with the most advanced and easy –to-use technology when using our services. With this in mind, we updated our over-the-phone interpreting system and added Video Remote interpreting services. Furthermore, connecting to an interpreter is now much easier when you use our app with your smartphone or tablet.

Request access to our Over-the-Phone Interpreting service today!


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