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Secure and Confidential Document Translation

Companies cannot afford to take the risk of cutting corners with confidentiality. Whether for a business contract, legal document or personal papers; they should always use professional language services to translate confidential documents securely.

Trusting a friend or acquaintance with sensitive information, even if he or she speaks the language fluently, could have unwanted legal or reputational consequences. Secure and confidential document translation requires experts with a thorough knowledge of relevant regulations. Tact and discretion are also essential. Confidential information must be handled sensitively, and within the law whatever the target language.

Know the rules

Businesses that process and store customers’ data must abide by data protection rules. Globally, 58% of countries have data protection and privacy legislation in place. A further 10% of countries are currently drafting laws to safeguard information.

Translating confidential documents into different languages also means that there is more than one country involved. Keeping track of the many laws and regulations in place can be a full-time job. When handling sensitive information, it is not enough to simply have an intimate knowledge of language. It is also essential to ensure the translator complies with the regulations of every country involved.

Terms and conditions

From a global business deal to a house-price bidding war, contract negotiations rely on confidentiality to succeed. Contract law is a highly specialized area; even the simplest contract can contain terms that are open to interpretation.

Teams of lawyers can spend months working on wording to ensure it is watertight.

In highly confidential negotiations, the translator needs the ability not just to be accurate in language; but also to understand how contract terms could be construed. A single word with an incorrect or ambiguous meaning could result in costly errors. Similarly, a term which is binding in one territory may be meaningless in another.

A translation consultant who is a native speaker of the target language and sensitive to cultural nuances can give expert advice on much more than just grammar.

Secure and Confidential Document Translation

Protect your privacy

If a company or individual needs to share personal information, such as health records or probate documents, a trusted translator is essential. Translators should always offer reassurance, preferably with certificates from regulatory bodies, that they observe stringent processes and procedures. Securely storing information under relevant security regulations should be standard. Confidentiality agreements provide an additional level of legal security that will never divulge your private information. Private documents should remain just that – not carelessly left lying around an office, or read in public over lunch in a café.

Knowledge is power

Contracts aren’t just for corporations. Moving to a country with a different language can require numerous confidential legal documents. Employment contracts, rental leases, residency documents and health insurance all contain highly sensitive information. It is also essential to know what is being signed; in all these cases, and more. Doing so requires much more than simple translation. There are many other factors to consider. Translators trusted with personal information need the ability to help negotiate the best terms by offering insights into culture and practices.

Quality control

ASTM International is an international standards organization that develops and publishes technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services. It publishes over 12,500 global guidelines for translators. However, the guidelines are not compulsory. A language service that voluntarily undergoes the stringent testing required to meet the ASTM’s high standards will ensure documents are handled with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity.

The human touch

Regulations in data protection and translation standards ensure accuracy and compliance with the law. But confidential documents – particularly those of a personal nature – should also be handled with tact and discretion. Choosing a language consultant who has a thorough understanding of the needs of the client can help to make difficult or upsetting situations easier to bear.

Therefore, choosing a company that safely handles the translation of confidential documents should not be taken lightly. There are many more factors to consider than language. The nature of the document, the specialist terms and phrases; and the laws and regulations are all essential elements when it comes to making a choice.

Global Arena uses the most secure control systems; to guarantee the confidentiality and security of your documents.

Sensitive documents need sensitive handling by experts. Anything less is a false economy.

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