In any relocation program, people come first

Businesses commonly cite five main reasons for relocating operations to a new location.

These are:

  1. labor and work force issues,
  2. the desire to reach new markets,
  3. the need to upgrade facilities or equipment,
  4. the aspiration to lower costs or increase cash flow,
  5. and the consideration of quality of life.

Each business has certain concerns and these must be addressed during the deliberation and transition period.

Relocation services, employee relocation, and workforce mobility include a range of internal business processes to transfer employees, their families, and/or entire departments of a business to a new location. While there are risks involved in the relocation of a business; the rewards can be extremely beneficial for the future of your company.

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Relocation program

Benefits of relocation support

According to relocation expert Luigi Salvaneschi, who has overseen the selection of new sites for thousands of retail establishments; the odds are stacked in your favor when you move or expand to a new location.

Because you have been in business for some time”, he says, “you are fully aware of all the problems your current location has. If you have poor traffic and know that’s the problem, you look for a new location that has good traffic“.

Remember that relocation services are difficult; since it can mean finding a new place to call home. As an employer, you want to make a great impression on your employees and customers, but everything will be new and unfamiliar to them.

Convincing your employees that the relocation of the business is essential for further personal and economic growth is one of the most important steps in reaching the desired goal of relocating with your specialized team.

Relocations can be a sensitive subject for many of your company employees because there are considerable changes which can affect your team members in an emotional way. This is one of the main reasons why we recommend you contact Global Arena.

We are highly specialized in transition processes of your workforce.

Contact us today and learn how we have helped so many companies transfer their teams successfully.

What you need to know before relocation

Stay organized, and don’t let stress impede your plan for your company’s relocation. When you’re organizing your relocation, you should also know what’s available to you.

Many companies offer a variety of relocation services. Take time to evaluate what suits your company best. Also, if your employer does not offer relocation support assistance, we recommend that you request assistance. If you’re the employer, make sure that your workforce is receiving all the possible information which may include moving costs.

In addition, you need to take time to get to know your new environment before you move. If you’re the employer, make sure that your employees know everything about this relocation give them tours, and ask for their opinion. Remember that your employees are the only ones who will help you obtain your company’s desired results.

If you’re an employer, it’s important to establish your company’s short-term and long-term goals. Your employees will need to consider making any long-term commitments, because this will be an uncertain situation and they need to evaluate if it fits their needs. As an employee, you need to ask for a social support network, which will help you alleviate the stress that relocation may cause on your daily routine.

Global Arena relocation support services

Global Arena will provide relocation support services, including familiarization tours and settling-in support. It is an individualized suite of services, ideal for employees relocating for business purposes.

Global Arena’s approach covers every aspect from orientation tours to finding schools, from settling-in programs to career counseling for partners.

Programs focus on giving advice and support to both the assignee and any accompanying family members, helping them to feel at ease with their relocation.

Components may include:

  • a pre-assignment trip,
  • school search,
  • welcome orientation,
  • area tour,
  • assistance with utilities,
  • banking,
  • ID card,
  • driver’s license, etc.

The most important aspect of relocating your business is that people will always come first. Your workforce gets results for your company; therefore reasonable requests from your employees must be met.

Thanks to your workforce, your company will develop and ensure measurable results that will increase the goal accomplishment.

Global Arena will make sure that people come first with our relocating services. The needs and comfort of employees should not be affected by relocation. However, your workforce will be happy; and we accompany them on the long journey of relocation service until they are without any stress or worry.

Book a consultation with us today; and explore how Global Arena can guide you through your relocation adventure.

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