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Learning and Development

Interested in learning more?

Global Arena offers furthering education courses! Our courses are designed to help interpreters and organizations to better understand topics related to working with language services providers and people with Limited English Proficiency. The courses are available in different formats; e-learning and virtual classroom. We have established courses available on multiple topics and we are able to create customize courses to suit the needs of our clients.

If you are part of a large organization and would be interested in evaluating our programs, please contact us and we will set up a demo version.

Interactive eLearning:

Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology for Interpreters is an interactive eLearning course designed for interpreters of all skill levels who want to gain a better understanding of medical interpreting terminology and basic anatomy.
  • Broader working knowledge of anatomy and physiology
  • Better understanding of the major bodily systems, human anatomy, specialists, and diagnostic procedures
  • Glossary enhancements with common terms
Medical Terminology Program

Working with the Joint Commission

The Joint Commission is a U.S. based, non-profit organization founded in 1951. Over the years, it has earned an enormous reputation and is considered the gold standard to accredit and standardize medical services across the globe and accredited over 22,000 healthcare organizations, domestic and abroad. It’s main objective is to establish hospital safety and quality standards combined with evaluations and collaboration with staff and stakeholders. This eLearning program will provide hospital staff with a great overview of the Joint Commission and its importance. Working with the Joint Commission Program

Professionalism as an Interpreter

Professionalism as an Interpreter is available as an interactive eLearning course. The course is designed for multilingual speakers who are looking to either start a new career as an interpreter or incorporate interpreting into their current position.
  • Better working knowledge of the interpreting industry
  • Standards necessary to maintain an interpreting position
  • The role of an interpreter
  • Best practices while on the job.
Professionalism as in Interpreter Program

Working with Interpreters in a Professional Setting

This interactive eLearning course is designed for individuals or teams who work with non-English speaking clients and interpreters. This course will help you better understand how to have the best possible experience in your professional interactions while maintaining your daily schedule. The course includes:
  • Best practices for working with interpreters and non-English speakers
  • Insight into the interpreting industry and hiring process for interpreters
  • The differences between trained interpreters and bilingual speakers
  • Proper request procedure
  • All steps of the assignment process
Working with Interpreters in a Professional Setting

Interpreting in a School Setting

Interpreting in a School Setting is available as an interactive eLearning course. The course is designed for interpreters who are preparing to start interpreting for school meetings.
  • Help communicate the Student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).
  • Interpret at the appropriate language level so the student (and their parents) understand the Program that has been designed for the child.
  • Clearly convey all aspects of meaning and content and provide ongoing support if necessary.
  • Facilitate and support participation and social communication to avoid isolation.
Interpreting in a School Setting Program

Understanding HIPAA

Understanding HIPAA is an interactive eLearning course designed especially for Interpreters, employees and teams who are looking to work or working in a healthcare setting.
  • Relevance of HIPAA in the interpreting industry
  • How to use HIPAA on an everyday basis during healthcare assignments
  • Quick history of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • The importance of protecting PHI as an interpreter
  • Reporting violations: how, where, and to whom
Understanding HIPAA Program

Understanding OSHA

Understanding OSHA is an interactive eLearning course designed especially for Interpreters, employees and teams who are looking to work or working in a healthcare setting. The course includes:
  • Workplace safety and employee rights under the Act’s standards and regulations.
  • Employer’s rights and responsibilities to their workers
  • Difference between employee and independent contractor
Understanding OSHA Program

Virtual Training

Global Arena Interpreting Program

This is an encompassing 16-hour program, fully virtual, for interpreters that want to sharpen their skills or for those who want to start in the Interpreting profession. The course is directed to bilingual speakers eager to learn about:

  • Do’s and Don’ts when interpreting
  • Code of Ethics
  • Legal vs Medical interpretation: scenarios and what expect
  • OPI and VRI
  • And more…

Global Arena Interpreting Program

American Sign Language: Communication and Community

This is a virtual classroom lecture course, designed especially for individuals and teams who work with the Deaf community and would like to know more about:

  • ASL itself: its roots, history, and cultural significance
  • Proper terminology for working with Deaf/deaf patients
  • How to request the correct American Sign Language interpreters to meet the client’s needs

ASL: Communication and Community

Interpreting Practices in a Mental Health Facility

This virtual classroom course explores best practices and tips for clients who work with interpreters in or with mental health facilities.

  • The unique challenges and compassion training for interpreters who work in mental health facilities
  • How to best work with interpreters in a group-therapy setting
  • Procedures and “quick tips” to improve interpreter safety and performance

Interpreting Practices in a Mental Health Facility

Understanding OSHA

This virtual classroom course explores OSHA and its best practices in regards to safety and employee rights. It is a perfect introduction for those companies that are required to provide OSHA training to their employees in their specific environment.

  • OSHA History
  • Through explanation of the OSHA regulations
  • What is OSH Act vs OSHA (association responsible for enforcement)
  • Employees vs independent contractors
  • The inspection: what to expect.

Understanding OSHA