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Benefits of Language Training Programs

Benefits of Language Training

Effective communication is essential for doing business. That requires recognizing and respecting cultural differences and having the ability to adapt accordingly. Communicating in the language of your client takes effective networking to the next level. Executive language training (ELT) programs allow executives and managers to develop language skills quickly; conveniently and with a focus on the specialist language needed to conduct business.

Language Training

Individual learning

Are your language abilities limited to understanding the local Italian restaurant menu?

Can you chat with locals if you take a business trip abroad?

Did you flunk languages at school or did you become almost fluent?

Whether your language skills are basic or advanced; ELT can help to improve them in a way that will benefit you and your organization.

Executive language classes are individually tailored lessons built around the needs of each person. A range of teaching methods immerses you in the language from day one; with a focus on quickly developing useful business terms and phrases.

Room for improvement

Are you ready to take your language abilities to the next level?

Even people proficient in one or more foreign languages can struggle when it comes to speaking the language of business. The vocabulary and language skills taught in schools and colleges can be very different to what you need to close deals; discuss specifications or negotiate contracts. Specialist technical terms and phrases are unlikely to be part of a typical school curriculum. Even straight-A language students may make costly mistakes.

ELT also provides a solid base in general commercial terms. It also focuses on specialized language that is relevant to your sector or function.

Context is everything

Language is about so much more than learning words. Application, context and meaning, can differ massively in different countries. Even cities or towns within the same country can be diverse when it comes to traditions and cultures. Understanding when and how to use particular words and phrases is particularly important in business. Cultural significance also plays a huge part in communication and some countries place great importance on observing business etiquette.

Executive language training takes all of this into account. In ELT, native-level language teachers guide you through the application of words and phrases in a business context.

Immersive learning

Executive language classes are an immersive experience. Learning tools include interactive exercises, video conferencing, presentations and discussions. These encourage learning in the context of the business scenarios you might encounter. From the first day, the lessons also focus on applying the language skills to real life situations. Ongoing assessment helps keep you motivated and on-course.

Flexible scheduling

Regular language classes are sometimes rigid in structure. They may feel one-size-fits-all for learners with different backgrounds and different goals. ELT, however, takes into account your needs as a professional. Flexible schedules, and a selection of learning tools, also allow executives and busy managers to incorporate immersive learning experiences into the workday.

Class length is adapted to suit busy schedules, with personal, group or online training available. ELT isn’t an extra commitment that has to be added to the end of your working day. Classes are seamlessly incorporated into business life.

An accent on excellence

For senior executives and managers working internationally, strong accents can detract from the important message they want to deliver.

ELT also helps you develop a polished communication style, that adapts to your professional level. Your ability to deliver confident presentations, command respect and build business relationships will improve.

Globalization means that more companies than ever have teams and customers in many different countries.

The ability to communicate clearly and concisely with them in their own language gives you and also to your organization a competitive edge. Investing in executive language training shows both employees and customers that you are serious about meeting their needs. Respecting languages, learning from experts, and obtaining specialized knowledge through executive language training and the Benefits of Language Training can also open up a whole world of opportunities.

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