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Destination Services

Do you need support in your new location?

Global Arena provides relocation support services that are ideal for employees moving for business purposes. These individually customized destination service programs cover key components that expatriates will need for a harmonious transition. Our programs focus on giving advice and support to both the assignee and any accompanying family members, helping them to feel at ease with their relocation.

Area Tour/Home-Finding Assistance

Based on detailed discussion with assignee, the relocation consultant will carry out a search for properties with details, rental price, and any other relevant information. The itinerary is presented to the assignee 2-3 days prior to the home-search day that will include:

  • Schedule of services
  • Itinerary
  • Area information
  • Help sheets
  • Utility information
  • Insurance information
  • Listing of the properties to be viewed
  • Assistance with lease review
  • Listing of schools to be visited – by appointment, if necessary

Property Viewing

  • Full-day of accompanied viewings. Based on itinerary (see property search)
  • Discussions on general day-to-day life in the host location
  • The consultant will drive the assignee to all appointments in a suitable, clean, and presentable car. If child seats are required, these will be provided
  • All properties are to be viewed with the assignee
  • Update client at the end of each home-search day via phone call or email
  • Once the decision is made by the assignee, make verbal offer to the agent, confirming all offer details
  • Forward offer details to client immediately, and follow-up with email to client at the end of the home-search day with full update

School Search

School search on all levels from pre-school, through primary/secondary and high-school.

  • On receipt of the initiation, contact the assignee within 24 hours to discuss requirements and send written report to client
  • School search in specified area (public/private/international) is carried out to research suitable options
  • Appropriate options that fit requirements are sent by email to the assignee, with a copy to the client. Call is scheduled with assignee to discuss
  • Availability of places for children are confirmed
  • Appointments to visit schools unaccompanied (accompanied visits are available, at additional cost)
  • Admission procedures are discussed, and assistance to be provided to the assignee to complete application process
  • If required, assist with placing registration fees, costs to be charged to the client.


In all cases where accommodation is secured, the following assistance will be provided:

  • An agent will attend on the lease start date to compile a full inventory of the property
  • Photos will be taken to document all rooms
  • A typed report with photos will be provided to the tenant within 72 hours from lease start date
  • Follow-up on refurbishments for the property (if required)
  • Ensure installation of telephone connections
  • Ensure installation of mobile connections
  • Ensure installation of gas connections
  • Ensure installation of cable connections
  • Ensure installation of internet connection
  • Ensure electricity meter reading is taken
  • Network into international community (e.g., clubs, organizations)
  • Local banking facilities
  • Recreation/leisure options
  • Obtaining social security number
  • Assistance with obtaining driver’s license
  • Assistance with any other items/services assignee may need
  • Provide information pack to include information for local doctors and dentists
  • Provide information about grocery stores
  • Provide information about hospitals – addresses & phone numbers
  • Provide information about pharmacy addresses & phone numbers
  • Visit a health club in the neighborhood
  • Provide information on club membership procedure
  • Regular follow-up to ensure smooth settling-in
  • Banking / Credit Card – options to be provided
  • Completing applications
  • Identify and connect with dealers for cars and agencies for drivers
  • Provide spousal assistance with regards to career counseling
  • Guidance on job opportunities

Reporting and Measures of Success

Our goal is to maintain the highest levels of customer service at all times. As a means of measuring our success, we hold ourselves to the following commitments:

  • To make initial contact with the assignee within 24 hours of receiving the initiation from the client.
  • To create and maintain a checklist so that all parties have access to the progress of the relocation.
  • To always respond to questions or inquiries from all parties within 24 hours.
  • To provide relocation recommendations to client and within 24 hours of the Needs Assessment Call.
  • To initiate all authorized services within 24 hours of the Needs Assessment Call.
  • To provide the client a viewing list of all properties shown for potential permanent housing two to three business days prior to the viewing days.
  • To provide a listing of all available and suitable serviced apartments to both the assignee and client.
  • To contact the assignee one week before their final move.
  • To contact the assignee one week after their final move.
  • To hold our partners and employees accountable to the same measures mentioned above.
  • To notify the client when services are complete/ authorized time has been used.


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