Translation Services

The art of translation is much more than just the conversion of text from one language to another language. Superior writing skills and a thorough knowledge of the subject are combined to accurately convey the meaning of the original text, while capturing the style and voice of the speaker, and avoiding a literal mapping of one word for another. Global Arena has the experience, expertise and cutting edge technology to provide translation services for a vast array of businesses in over 200 languages.

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Document translation

Our three-step process of translation, editing and proofreading ensures an accurate translation, perfectly targeted to your intended audience. We work with an extensive network of thoroughly tested and highly experienced translators, editors and proofreaders, who display extensive subject knowledge and linguistic sensitivity. Our multilingual in-house project management team have studied languages, and are bilingual or tri-lingual speakers, as well as being well-versed in different dialects, languages and linguistic locales.


Transcreation is ideal for use in marketing and advertising materials. It goes beyond direct content translation or localization; often involving a looser translation, less literal and taking a more flexible approach to ensure that the translation recreates the message, feeling, culture, tone, references and word play of the source text. Using the transcreation process, Global Arena can properly convey the entirety of the message factoring in style, images, emotions and cultural background.


We can create a written transcript of audio or video content in virtually any format. Transcriptions can then be translated into other languages for voiceover or dubbing. Time stamps are inserted at regular intervals, ensuring that any translation is the same audio length as the original.

Desktop Publishing

Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) is the process of recreating print materials in a foreign language to mirror the original document in format and style, while adhering to the typesetting conventions and typographical norms of the target language. Our desktop publishing teams have extensive experience working with all languages and software programs to recreate a foreign language version of the original document, without compromising the target language’s linguistic and syntactic rules and norms.

Terminology Management

A translation memory contains parallel pairs of source and target text segments and stores them for future reference or use, ensuring stylistic and terminological consistency across a range of documents even if they are translated by different teams. The more extensive the translation memory becomes, the more cost-effective and time-efficient translations and updates will be.

Software & Website Localization

With comprehensive understanding of current IT standards, new software trends and program releases, we can handle website and software translations on many different platforms and a variety of environments.