Business English training online provides a time-efficient and cost-effective way to develop the English-language skills that your company needs.

It offers a flexible, from-anywhere solution that works for everyone from entry-level managers to C-suite executives. And it puts the emphasis where it’s needed: on English vocabulary and conversation skills that match the learner’s role, sector and working scenarios.

Most English training, online learning and apps focus on day-to-day life and holiday phrases. But specialist online business English training keeps learning relevant and practical.

Why is business English training important?

Chinese may be the most common global language, with 1.3 billion native speakers, but English is undoubtedly the international language of business. One in four people worldwide – 1.75 billion – speak English to a useful level. Global corporations including Microsoft, Nokia, Nestlé, Renault and Samsung insist on English as the common corporate language, even in offices with no native English speakers.

Why would a firm based in Beijing insist on employees speaking English? Today’s global environment makes it likely that suppliers, clients or colleagues will come from a diverse mix of backgrounds. A common language ensures that a company can find partners, sell or recruit in any territory, not just one with the same native tongue.

Business English Training online

Learning that inspires

Despite the benefits to companies, not all employees embrace adopting English as a common language. In her book, ‘The Language of Global Success,’ Harvard professor Tsedal Neeley identified four types of typical response from employees who were asked to learn English. They are, she says, either frustrated, oppressed, indifferent or inspired. The best way to move employees from the first three categories to ‘inspired’, she advises, is to offer training.

Business English training can help employees of all levels gain confidence in their English ability. One of the most common barriers to learning, says Neeley, is fear of being humiliated. It’s an understandable response. Have you ever received an email from a foreign client and been unable to understand what they’re asking of you? Did it make you think slightly less of them, despite their level of seniority? Or have you yourself attended a meeting and felt embarrassed or tongue-tied by your lack of language skills?

Business English courses help employees overcome their fears. Whether executives and employees have a basic or advanced knowledge of English, business English training can help them to communicate better with colleagues and clients across the world.

Online training for on-the-move companies

Online training allows people to learn in their own time, also creating confidence as they move forward. Its flexible format also adapts to busy and unpredictable schedules and encourages regular practice.

Travel time that might otherwise be wasted can now be used to develop useful skills.

Flight delayed?

Rail-link running slow?

It’s the perfect chance to learn. As long your team members have internet access, they can access material at their own convenience, at any time and from a range of devices.

Business English Training online

As well as encouraging consistency, online training gives companies access to the best teachers with specialist knowledge of their business sector. With business English training online, distance and time zones aren’t an issue.

In an interconnected world, learning English is no longer optional. Even small businesses in local markets are part of the broader ecosystem of partners, customers and also supply chains that communicate in English. And for global firms, anything less than excellence in English at every level is a competitive disadvantage.

Online business English training ticks every box. It conveniently delivers essential skills at a level and pace that fit the learner, and at a price that fits the company.

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