ASL: Communication and Community

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This program is delivered in a virtual classroom format. The course is designed for employees and teams who work with the Deaf community and patients or clients who speak ASL. The aim of the course is to increase understanding and awareness of Deaf culture, community, and the different dialects used by the Deaf community, particularly in the Philadelphia area. This course was created in collaboration with several members of the Deaf community in Philadelphia.


The course includes proper terminology for working with Deaf/deaf patients and the differences between “big and small D modality,” how to request the correct American Sign Language interpreters to meet your client or patient needs, and an overview of ASL itself: its roots and cultural significance. The course also gives a brief overview of the history of ASL and the Deaf community, the manualism v oralism debate, ASL in schools, learning ASL, the hiring process for ASL interpreters, the ethics of hearing aid technology, and several personal experience stories.

Duration and format

The course is timed to last 2 hours. This virtual classroom version of the course is entirely online and easily accessible from our e-learning platform—no downloads or special permissions required. The information is updated regularly to meet current standards. ASL: Communication and Community is further customizable to fit your organization’s needs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for more information using the below form.


2 hours virtual group workshop (minimum 6 participants) - $395