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Global Arena offers Furthering Education courses! Our courses are designed to help your employees better understand topics related to working with language services providers and people with Limited English Proficiency. The courses are available in different formats; e-learning, virtual classroom, or in – person. We have established courses available on multiple topics and we are able to create customize courses to suit the needs of our clients. Please contact us if you are interested in viewing a presentation about any of the available courses listed.

E-Learning Courses:

Understanding HIPAA

  • Quick history of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • The importance of protecting PHI
  • How to use HIPAA on an everyday basis for both clinical and non-clinical workers
  • Quick history of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • The importance of protecting PHI
  • How to use HIPAA on an everyday basis for both clinical and non-clinical workers

Understanding OSHA

  • The purpose and objectives of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Inspection Priorities
  • How to prepare for an OSHA inspection--and stay prepared

Virtual Classroom / In-Person Courses:

American Sign Language: Communication and Community

This course is designed especially for individuals and teams who work with the Deaf community and would like to know more about:

  • Proper terminology for working with Deaf/deaf patients
  • How to request the correct American Sign Language interpreters to meet client needs
  • ASL itself: its roots, history, and cultural significance.

Working with an Interpreter in a Professional Setting

Created for providers who encounter non-English speaking patients or clients who require an interpreter, this course explores:

  • Best practices for working with an interpreter
  • Quick tips to have the best experience possible for both provider and non-English speaker
  • The role of the interpreter
  • The differences between interpreters and foreign language speakers
  • Interpreter qualifications and certifications.

Interpreting Practices in a Mental Health Facility

  • The unique challenges and compassion training for interpreters who work in mental health facilities
  • How to best work with interpreters in a group-therapy setting
  • Procedures and "quick tips" to improve interpreter safety and performance

Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreting Training Program – 40 hours

  • The training covers: interpreter roles & ethics, medical terminology, the impact of culture, and the U.S. Healthcare System.
  • Course is taught in English but available to participants of all spoken languages.
  • In-person training

Visit our interpreter training page for more details.

Online Portal

The courses are completed in through our easily accessible online portal. Participants are able to track e-learning progress, submit inquires, and receive support. Participants are given access to the portal at the start of the process.

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The Process

Participants receive information and materials on the planned topic. The information is also divided into modules to allow participants a constant progression to help them digest information better. They will also be asked to take multiple exams throughout the process to make sure they are getting the necessary knowledge. Each course concludes with an exam and, once completed successfully, the participant will also obtain a certificate of completion.

Pricing varies by course. For information regarding pricing, please contact us.

Main Contact:
Donna Schneider
Furthering Education Department

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