Destination services to improve your international move

Within our destination services program, we have designed everything you need to improve your international mobility.

Moving your family, your pets, all your belongings, and heading off to another country can be incredibly stressful.

Multinational companies sometimes require key personnel to relocate abroad to manage operations in another country. The assignee is faced with the challenging task of preparing to move and setting up living arrangements in a new country; which inevitably causes disruptions to both their professional and personal life.

Statistics show that expatriates lose an average of 15.6 days of work productivity when adapting to new settings if they rent a home; this number increases to 19.8 days if they buy a house. Global Arena’s relocation team ensures a seamless transition to ease what is normally a stressful process.

Attention to detail is key.

There are an assortment of aspects to consider when planning an international move.

Global Arena helps assignees by providing an orientation on the area, country, and culture. Also, we offer support with finding a home, identifying schools, and applying for driving licenses, amongst other things.

Step 1: Where to live.

We consider many factors when identifying an area for an assignee and their family. We work to find a location that is within proximity of their new office, supermarkets, schools, banks, hospitals, places of worship, and gym facilities.

A neighborhood’s community, profile, and character are critical in helping the entire family adjust to their new environment.

Step 2: Finding a residence.

We support, for example, assignees in renting or buying a home; and our specialists work with the assignee to determine a budget, house size, number of bedrooms, outdoor space, amenities; and any necessary accommodations for pets.

Realizing that spousal and family satisfaction are a key part of the overall success of the move. We also work with the whole family to ensure everyone is taken care of.

Step 3: Settling in.

We help expatriates with a whole range of tasks:

  • reviewing and signing their lease,
  • applying for drivers’ licenses,
  • opening bank accounts,
  • setting up utilities,
  • registering children for school
  • and assisting spouses in seeking employment.

We take care of many of the loose ends that may cause anxiety for the family; also can take the assignee’s time away from his/her new role.

Invest in Global Arena’s expertise. Interested in learning more about how our destination services will assist your assignees in saving time, alleviating stress, and minimizing disruptions to their productivity? Visit our destination services page or contact us.

Source: New Jersey Relocation Council statistics shared from Momentum Employee Productivity Study-US Domestic Study unveiled, April 2016.

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