The document translation industry

From enormous dictionaries to online glossaries, from handwriting in notebooks to speech recognition, the document translation industry has changed dramatically and while it’s true that translators of 30 years ago would hardly recognize the industry today, some things remain the same.

Global Arena is committed to communication; both with our clients, and ensuring their message is carried across the linguistic world. We balance technological advances with the nuance of human translation to bring together quality, cultural sensitivity, and consistency.

Machine Translation

Combining translation and technological advances doesn’t necessarily mean using Machine Translation. Machine Translation is still at an early stage and while it can produce an acceptable translation when heavily trained, the money and time invested in training the machine are not affordable for most companies.

At Global Arena we advocate for the use of human translators that employ technological tools to allow for a streamlined translation process and improved information sharing. This approach allows for cost savings and quicker turnarounds while maintaining the high standards of quality that a human translation process provides. 

The translation memory

We build and maintain a translation memory for all documents in a live-text format. A translation memory contains parallel pairs of English and foreign language text segments; and stores them for future reference or use.

New translations can then be analyzed against the previously translated text segments and, in new text, full matches and partial matches are identified. The analyisis ensures stylistic and terminological consistency across a range of documents; even if they are translated by different teams, at different times.

Large projects with short turanrounds can be worked on simultaneously by a number of translators; all sharing the same translation memory. Updates to existing translations are automatically identified by our Computer Aided Translation software; and can be translated and instantly plugged back into the previously translated text; saving considerable time and money.

Translation memories are securely stored; and always considered a client’s property.

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